Sunday, December 12, 2010

Always fun to be me

Pay no mind to my appearance..the church outfit I initially put on this morning was the unfortunate destination of Pipers lunch, post consumption. And while baby wipes are super helpful in Target (snack, post consumption), not so much at home when a shower is your best bet.

Oh, my sweet little mini Kelly Ripa. You are an amazing little cook and helper...the dance at the end was especially fancy, but I prefer the one where you don't share the Chex Mix with the floor. You are correct though, it was still "totally fantabulous".

And hello there to you, Piper. Please don't eat that. Don't eat anything unless you want to commit to digesting it. Pretty please?

So making Chex Mix is a super easy and super yummy holiday treat. Plus, its nice to not need a lot of room to prepare it as Piper is actually sitting on the entire counter. Actually, the dish stand next to the fridge is also part of the counter but it doesn't count since I refuse to dry my dishes on the trashcan, which is the only other surface in the room. Thank goodness I found a cutting board to partially cover the stove top and provide me with sooo much more space. And no, I cannot cook over there because the only power outlet in the room is behind the dish stand. Chad often woos me with images of a future kitchen with a fridge that my 5"1 self wont tower over and one of those fancy drawers that wash your dishes with a push of a button...what a man.

Puking and chattering none stop aside it was a pretty nice day with the girls and Chad. At the risk of being selfish and short thinking, I am still prayerfully awaiting the day that I can relax in a normal way with this little family...seriously, I am praying an awful lot for that one these days.


  1. We are also praying for those days to come...
    I can't believe it's chex mix time already, i completely agree with Linley, TOTALLY FANTABULOUS! So when are we invited over to share in the bounty?! :) HEHE

    I love you wonderful woman...

  2. praying with you for that!

    looks like fun, by the way :)