Friday, December 17, 2010

Two Things

There are simply only Two Things that are good about steroids.

1) they are killing any hidden remaining leukemia cells in my sweet baby girl


2) They make for some sweet quiet moments on mommies bed watching movies.

(And by the way, Youtube is weird. We started out watching babies laughing and next thing I know its a kid dancing to Shakira and then what do you know, there is Shakira herself shaking it up. Piper liked it so I hung in there for a minute but Mommy has a limit and apparently my limit is a Colombian pop star singing about her hips.)

So here's to steroid pulses where my daughter has learned to cuddle instead of scream on my hip.


  1. This picture is beautiful! You are a great mom, and your love for your girls is so evident!! I can imagine Piper when she is older looking back on photos like this one. She might not remember these events - but she will know how loved and perfectly cared for she was during such a hard time! Miss you & wishing you all a wonderful Christmas!
    Love, Heather

  2. oh Susanna... that picture is all at once both precious & heartbreaking! Hoping you both get lots of good cuddle time at Christmas :)

  3. Love u and miss u guys. Wanted to send u a Christmas card, but your address was stored in my FB profile and since u r inactive at the moment, all your past msgs have disappered. Can u pls email it tome again at

    Take care all of u....lots of kisses from Aadita. Love, Mu.

  4. i completely agree with youtube is weird..., very funny.
    the picture of you and piper is as sweet as can be. i am so glad your little one is cuddling instead of crying.