Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I hopped over to the blog of one of my readers and she does this little post every so often. It made me smile plus I hate doing the laundry that is building up as we speak. Soooo...I will procrastinate in a very productive way.

outside my window: are squirrels, which Piper calls doggies and I let her.

I'm thinking: about explaining to Linley that not only "brown boys" can sing rap music but am fearful she may confirm her newest career aspiration.

I'm thankful: for two happy girls to do Christmas crafts with tonight, even if Piper did stick tape in my ear and Linley wanted to make an pair of Christmas paper underpants.

I'm praying: that I will be a faithful sufferer no matter what ick my life has in it.

In the kitchen: there are never more than 2 people at the same time unless any additional people are willing to sit on the trashcan.

I'm hearing: the sound of the 3 year old up stairs who is apparently jacked up on coca-cola and playing with a million marbles every night til midnight.

I'm reading: Not a marriage communication book. No way Jose. Not us.

One of my favorite things: Candy Cane Hershey's kisses. Nothing better.

I'm creating: a pair of earrings with the most gorgeous blue glass beads and wondering who I like well enough to pass these babies on to.

Around the house: there are many messes the maid needs to get to cleaning up.

A few things to do this week: Pipers evaluation for Babies Cant Wait, decorating the house, making some yummy Christmas jello jigglers, participate in Walk to School day with Linley even though its just dumb to walk anywhere in 40 degree weather, making a meal for an expectant mommy friend, counseling with the hubs, writing thank you notes to the sender of said jello jiggler makings and other fantastic supporters of our family, shopping for Christmas presents, reorder Pipers formula and weekly meds, having lunch with Linley at school, going to a Christmas parade, and maybe just maybe a nap in there somewhere for me.

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  1. I love your writing, both entertaining and informative! I believe your other calling (as if you need another) to truly be a published author w/a name everybody knows :)