Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Hey, its okay"

-to pay the extra money to shop at Publix because they have cool shopping carts
and free balloons and cookies for the girls.

-to wonder what it would take to spend a day or so alone in the bed...and to be
okay if that would require, say, a bout of the flu.

-to wonder how Chad would deal with twin boys. Just to wonder, not to plan for.

-to feel badly for Kate Middleton because I cannot for the life of me imagine
planning a wedding or a marriage with so much scrutiny and rules.

-to find myself daydreaming about sleeping in on Saturday morning thanks to my mom.

-to be a horrible, horrible, horrible Christmas present wrapper.

-to love my daughters unabashedly but still fully acknowledge that Piper screams
like a pterodactyl and that Linley is chattier than Kelly Ripa on coffee.

-to have a mini crush on Coco...and if you know who he is, you are as cool as me.


  1. oh Susanna! These make me giggle! And I've totally found myself almost wishing to get the flu so I could spend a couple of days in bed! Thanks for admitting it for me :)

  2. I'm glad that I'm not the only one that refers to my child as a dinosaur when he screams...around here we flip back and forth between pterodactyl and velociraptor! Ha. :o)

  3. How Funny! I love it :) I find my daily dose of comedy in your musings... And i thought we were the one's supposed to be offering the encouragement! I love you sweet, wonderful, hilarious woman...