Sunday, January 9, 2011

18 months and 2 days,

Piper is, that is. On January 7th she crossed over from the "'one" to the "she's one and a half" response when questioned in line at Target (always that place)

And while I am thrilled to be able to say that my daughter is one and a half, I am even more thrilled to report that she is a leukemia survivor. That comment is guaranteed to shut even the most self-impressed, pseudo mother-of-the-year who questions Piper size, what she is/isn't eating and the fact that she probably will be growling at anyone who glances our way. (sooo tired of super moms)

On the other hand, saying she is "one" was easier, because at her size she may pass for a petite twelve month old but not so much an eighteen month old. And that usually has me wanting to explain why she is so small and not moving independently and eating like a bird. Which I KNOW I don't have to do but dang it, its my beautiful child and I really hate the looks of horror that cross peoples faces. (sooo tired of being pitied)

So Piper is 18 months old. She is not walking. She is eating when her little heart so desires. She regards toys and playthings with indifference. She is my hip buddy unless I am pushing her Independence that day.

But she is amazing:

What she does do is:

1) take 2 pills and 2 syringes, twice a day, happily.

2) sleeps through the night. And her sister snoring and the vacuum cleaner and the kid with the marble collection upstairs.

3) she gives kisses to everyone at bedtime. She will growl at you the other 23 and a half hours a day but those 30 minutes are filled with love, love, love.

4) she signs "more", "please", "water", "eat", "hat" and "goodbye/hello"...she says "done", "momma", "dadda", "doddy" (doggie), "nini" (linley), "uh-uh" and other words which show us she is fluent in pterodactyl but not so much boring English.

5) she loves to cuddle up with me to drink her milk. I love this too.

6) she drinks perfectly out of a cup with no lid, straw or anything by herself. And hates anything but milk in her sippy cups.

7) she is standing by herself with support. And will hold my hands and walk around a little bit. And sometimes can be cajoled into pushing her play stroller over to another batch of pistachios across the room. And sometimes not.

8) laughs like her daddy and has the social skills of her mommy (note: the growling)

9) beat cancer. And I have to say, that's an awful lot for 18 months old.

So, I am thrilled when I stop and see what all my girl can do. And I learned many, many years ago that my life and choices would probably never measure up if I spent my time comparing them to others. The same goes for Piper. She is not typical. She is behind. She is stubborn, moody and loud but she is personally kicking leukemia in the butt and I must say that other 18 month old "aint got nuthin on her".

Keep reminding me of that would you?


  1. Fabulous little 18 month old sweetheart. It's hard to be extraordinary in an ordinary world. But you and Piper seem to be pulling it off beautifully - whether you can always see that from your vantage point or not. You are. Excellent, excellent job, girls.

  2. AMAZING! Happy 18 months Piper!

    And I have to say... any other mama "aint got nuthin on YOU"!

  3. I believe it is a great quality to pull out the best in all of those around us! To look at the strengths in your little cutie is most definately the way to go :)

  4. Happy 18 months Piper! Way to go lil warrior! Aadita's send her love to all of you :) Happy New Year!

  5. Piper is an amazing little girl. When you see those chatty little chubby 18 month olds, remember that their super moms cry a river when their child has the sniffles.
    Once again, I understand everything you said and we were so there. Nothing would make me more upset when a 14 month old kid would toddle up to my 18 month old and the mom would yell to her child, "Watch the baby!"