Thursday, January 27, 2011


The MRI did not show a tumor or any signs of cancer at all. The radiologist did say he thinks there is fluid behind her knee and some inflammation in her hips. We don't know the cause of this, but our nurse practitioner hopes to have more information for us tomorrow. Right now the Dr.'s are not worried about her leg and hip issues being cancer and think that therapy plus weight gain from her feeding through the NG tube should remedy her problems.

Susanna came home today so she could attend a school function with Linley tomorrow, but started feeling a bit under the weather before she left. Piper started running a fever after she left. Piper was supposed to get a platelet transfusion tonight, but she can not receive it while she has a fever. Please pray that she doesn't have another virus or infection and that the fever is just a bi product of her little body not having the ability to fight off illness. Her ANC yesterday was 50, which means she has nothing to fight off infection.

Side prayer request, the Dr.'s are holding off on Piper's chemo until her ANC comes up. This really makes Sus nervous. Both the CMV virus and the large amount of antibiotics keep her immune system suppressed and the Dr.'s feel like it would be insult to injury to continue her chemo at the same time because it would only further reduce her blood counts. Holding off on her chemo at this point in her treatment is less than ideal and that makes all of us nervous. Will get the results back from the CMV test and her UTI test tomorrow to see how well the antibiotics are working. Please pray that Piper's ANC comes up and she is not exposed to anything that could make her sick and delay her treatment further.

The good news is she is keeping all her feeds down and continuing to eat on her own without the NG tube bothering her throat.
We are still in isolation. Hopefully as she continues to improve we can get out of isolation and get out of dodge.

Thank you all for your continued prayer and support.

Chad & Sus


  1. So so glad to hear the good news. We moved next door tonight to get out of noisy 99. Lots of prayers for both rooms and families tonight. Rest and feel better!

    Michelle for the Lochamy's

  2. Thanks so much for the update! We rejoice with you for the good news from the MRI!!!!!!! We will keep praying for Piper to recover from all she has been battling and for the delay in chemo not to cause any problems for her. Hope isolation is lifted soon. I'm sure you are feeling stir crazy.
    Love, Heather (for the Barr's)

  3. So glad MRI was good, so sad she is still fighting infection and that you are not well either. Prayed for you at Bright Beginnings today!!! Love you guys!!

  4. AMAZING! THANK YOU JESUS! Who knows but that a tumor might've been prayed right out of her body.

  5. Saw the update on Anne's glad for the good report. Will be lifting you up in doing so now!