Monday, January 31, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Yep, still here.

Still hanging out.

Still not quite sure what the hay-day we are dealing with.

Still wondering if I should cry or sleep or pray.

Still know that praying is the only option that will really help Piper out.

What we have now is some Good, some Bad and some Ugly...that's a fancy way of saying we got a whole lot going on.

The good is that Pipers ANC has risen to 1340, which gives her a little more umph from which to fight from. She is also super happy, playful and hungry. None of her blood cultures are growing anything. We have been taken off of Isolation so we have been jaunting around the hospital today and that is really, really nice.

The bad is that she still has some sweet swollen ankles. She was given a blood transfusion today and something called "lasix" (sp) that is a diuretic to hopefully drain off some of this fluid that she is retaining. She also is continuing to have fevers which while manageable with Tylenol, are not explainable. Pipers oxygen is also low so she is having to have it constantly streaming into her face. This is a lot going on at once and because of the sheer perplexity of it all we have the Ugly...

Sometime this week the doctors around here want Piper to have a bone marrow aspirate done to check for relapse. Her blood work looks beautifully normal but still with everything sort of going to pot and no explanation, they want to be able to rule a relapse out.

Of course, I do too. What I really want is some answers and subsequently some relief...for Piper and for the whole family. Ultimately I want that sweet peace that is mine for the taking if I just stop moping around and ask for it...Thank you Lord for that.


  1. Keep hanging in there! Praying for a breakthrough to come through - like NOW. <3

  2. Susanna, you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Your words ring out loud and true. The presence of God is the treasure that we seek! I love you dear one...