Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How choking hazards may save my daughters life.

Ok, that may be a little of an exaggeration but it may not. Time shall tell.

Food? Well, Piper has rediscovered it. Some of it. You know, like popcorn, pistachios and grapes. There are a few other things she is loving but those are easier to eat and therefore not nearly as fun to blog about. But popcorn and pistachios and grapes are all boogers to nibble the husks off of and crack open and peel. Trust me on this one.

But thankfully, her odd food choices are opening her up to eating other foods. Piper loves steel cut oatmeal which on their own are a nice, healthy breakfast. I though, add enough butter and brown sugar to them to prove we are in the true south and she really digs that. Plus super cheesy eggs. And Doritos. And mac'n cheese. And shredded cheese. And the ever faithful Ritz cracker. And banana bread. And one fantastic day, Yogurt. And cheerios. And sliced apples. And wow, its almost a balanced meal plan. Unfortunately, this does not mean that Piper eats all these things every day but that she has tried and liked each of these at some point in the last week. Simple successes.

Favorites really are pistachios and steel cut oatmeal. Diapers as you can imagine are always fantastic. Her "super formula" is personally chauffeuring us to the poorhouse so we attempted Carnation instant breakfast milk. The calories are lower but the amount that she is happily consuming is much higher. If I weren't a little tired I would do the math to see if it is a fair trade out but as for right now, she is happy and one full little sleeping bean.

With the exception of breakfast taking over an hour and her always wanting to nosh on pistachios, I am so pleased with her progress. I pray that all talk of NG tube is forever in the past...and she still has another 2 weeks until her next weigh in. I'm pretty sure I am gaining weight from just cracking the pistachios and just mixing up the oatmeal so surely, Piper will make me extra happy at the clinic next time.


  1. So glad to see your posts!! Still praying for you all and loving that Piper is eating and for whatever matters--eating very well!!! Praise the Lord. Sounds like you had a nice Christmas at the beach? Two weeks seems so long away but know that our God is faithful and can't wait to hear the good news!!

  2. Ugh, I miss you! Please come back to Facebook!
    Anyway, YAY! Go Piper! Go Mom! Pop on the tv while she eats and enjoy some you time! Abigail loved almonds and grapes and would just about all of Nemo at breakfast.....ahh, good times.

    I was going to tell you to add one tablespoon of wheat germ to her oatmeal (it adds 50 calories), but then I remembered that it is high in folic acid which I think affects the effectiveness of methotrexate...so ask your oncologist first.