Wednesday, January 12, 2011

well, Happy Fall Y'all!

Its not fall anymore? You wouldnt know it here in Mi Casa Petite. Christmas was spent at the beach and because of that we (I) hardly decorated here and because of that we (I) forgot to take down the few Thanksgiving/Fall decor.

Want proof?

Yep, thats a turkey dishcloth hanging out in my kitchen and a crow and pumpkin welcome sign out in the snow.

Because of my super slacker decorating skills, I have a visual reminder that I never did the traditional "What I am thankful for" Thanksgiving post. And since it is now snowing outside, that crows and pumpkin welcome sign is looking a little bit out of place and I have big plans to get it packed away by oh, Easter. Maybe Easter?

Meanwhile, heres what I am thankful for in the last 24 hours:

1) A pharmacy that opens the store up, despite 6 in of snow on the ground, just to give my one year old her Methotrexate pill refill. And then not charge me for other things I added.

2) Piper cudding with Chad, Linley and I while watching almost all of Dr. Doolittle.

3) A friend with a funky sweet 3 year old who ventures to the mall with me and Linley in the midst of an ice/snow week.

4) Linleys twin size bed. Its comfy for a Mommy up with a sick baby.

5) My fantastic five year old who informed me that my freckles on my face almost make the Big Dipper.

6) The ottoman in the living room where Piper will play independantly for 15 minutes.

7) That second cup of Chai in the morning that I always find in the microwave at lunchtime.

8) Staying up late with my sweet Linley listening to her read and watching movies and not worrying about her being up at 7am.

9) A husband who is not afraid of throwing dinner together. Successfully and deliciously

And thats just the past 24 hrs. Imagine how thankful I will be when summer gets here and Linley is home all day, Piper is walking and I can leave the house without a hat or mittens!


  1. Hey, if the crow and the pumpkin can make it past Easter, then through the summer months, you'll be ahead of the game! Great thankfulness list. I think maybe it should be something we should do each season - whether properly decorated for or no.

  2. Well thankfulness is a true virtue any time of the year! Maybe I will begin to make this a part of my everyday routine... Thanks for the inspiration :)