Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fun Friday

One thing I have loved about this new school that Linley is at is the fact that they work very hard. Academically this school keeps Linley on her toes (as well as Chad and I). But instead of it being all work, work, learn, learn they make a point to play hard also. Each month they celebrate their good work with a field trip, different each time but still something special and out of the box and exciting.

I love this.

And I especially enjoyed having the time with Linley and meeting her friends.

So many funny little kiddos.

My sweet Linley had a great time spending the day experiencing much fall fun.

She slid:

She jumped:

She snacked:

She rode:

She dug:

She zipped:

She swung:

She buried:

Have I ever mentioned just how much I love this girl?


  1. So adorable!!!! I'm glad you two got to have fun together with her friends!!!!

  2. love her sweet smile, precious and priceless