Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Simply being home and together was enough of a reason to give thanks this year.

Last year we celebrated Piper being cancer free but she was beginning to suffer from that blasted diarrhea/vomit fest. The year before that we were still reeling from the fact that our infant even had cancer and we spent the holiday receiving chemo inpatient. And the year before that we had just found out that we were adding another fancy face to this Needham crew. Ups and Downs seem to be our trademark, I believe.

This year we spent it with Chads side of the family and feasted on amazing food and were able to watch the girls run my in laws busy as they like to do. Linley loves the attention and is confident enough to roll with new surroundings but Piper likes a chance to warm up...kind of like her mother. And Chad did not get a "turkey coma" as he likes because I had a glass of wine and that had me dozing on the couch while the girls went for a walk with all those adults who love them so. Don't judge me, please.

After eating more than we ever should have we headed downtown for our annual trek to see the Macy's Christmas tree lighting. Usually we ride Marta and stand at the back and enjoy it that way. This year we were given VIP seating because Scotty McCreery was the featured performer and my six year old has loved him since the first time she saw him on American Idol. She loved seeing him sing so up close and even Piper was a trooper through the whole show and the lighting and all. We weren't able to shake his hand as she so wanted but the whole experience was pretty exciting for her. Major thanks to the every amazing Karen at the clinic for making this possible.


  1. what a great thanksgiving for your family! praise God! i love scottie, too :)

  2. Yeah, tell Linley Mrs. Linda liked McCreery from the start & I don't even listen to country - good taste honey!