Saturday, December 3, 2011

Really? Again?

Piper is a pooper.

Oh she's a sweet and cute pooper but she's a pooper.

She has had loose stools for weeks now but not like this. Ever since Mondays chemo she has been steadily getting worse. And worse and worse. Today alone I figured I have changed a minimum of 25 dirty diapers. And yes, her little bum looks red and angry but thankfully we have the most amazing stuff for that that we slather on every 30 minutes or every diaper change...whichever comes first.

Good times.

After changing 4 in an hour I called the on-call doctor to vent, er...get some advice. Because Pipers CMV levels are very low and she is still wanting to eat and play we are assuming it to be the results of Monday's chemotherapy. So now we have given Piper the first of a few doses of Imodium in an attempt to dry things up a bit. She has already lost about 2 lbs in the last month or so and we really need to have her as healthy and strong as possible before tranplant not withering away as she is at the moment. And she is supposed to have more chemo next week, poor girl.

Have I memtioned how much leukemia stinks lately? It truly does. I've yet to find the silver lining in this gray cloud and I am worn out just from the effort it takes to keep myself upright some days. Less poop would help me out a bit though if requests are being taken.


  1. I hope the pooping stops soon. So glad you have something for her bottom... that chemo can burn holes in skin (it did for Iz and required morphine to relieve the pain). Thinking of your pooping Piper and hoping the immodium kicks in soon!

  2. Praying about that specifically this morning!

  3. We're gonna work on getting that sweet girl's bum some more nappies...

  4. Hi Chad, Sus, Linley and Piper

    My name is Paul and I work with Greg.

    I live in a place called Woking which is just outside London England with my wife Linda and 2 mad little blondies Amy 14 & Emily 11.

    Whilst we have never met we have been following your blog.Usually one says i can only imagine but in truth with kids ourselves Linda and i cannot imagine what your family must be going through.Your strength and bravery as a family and of course that of little Piper is amazing and surely a lesson to us all when we think we are having a hard time over something.

    My daughters are planning to post a good luck note to Piper over the weekend.

    In the meantime we are thinking of you all back here in England and will all be rooting for Piper on Monday and of course over Christmas and in the run up to the 28th.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Paul , Linda,Emily & Amy Robinson.