Monday, December 5, 2011

Here we go.

My Facebook status this morning kindly requested that Monday not kick my butt. It didn't but it tried to wear me out, run me ragged and mentally suck me dry. Nothing catastrophic just the general busyness of running a home, raising children and oh yeah, curing cancer.

Well, I'm not. (curing cancer, that is)

I never finished college though I probably could cure cancer if I had a full night of sleep or two.

Part of the busyness of today revolved around the fact that tomorrow begins Pipers bone marrow work up...the few weeks pre transplant where they check out her little self and let us know she is strong and healthy and ready to proceed. Her first appointment is at 11:00am and it is just the same general labwork and physician consult...albeit with the team at Egleston whom I hope and pray are a fraction of as kind, helpful and hopeful as our team at Scottish Rite. After that appointment we will have a psych appointment at the same location. That one should be interesting since I'm not even able to get Piper to clearly express what she wants to eat for lunch much less how she is feeling.

Emotions, Smotions.

Nobody is getting any big feelings around here until all this is said and done and all those who desire hair are given beautiful heads of it.

Wednesday will be another day at Egleston, only it will begin at 7:45am and will be filled with multiple appointments all over their campus and in areas with names like Nuclear Radiology which just typing out makes me want a tranquilizer or alcohol. Or both. Also appointments checking out her kidney and liver and heart function. Tomorrow is also the day they plan to give me the consent form to allow them to pump horrible chemicals into my second born and then to totally wipe out her immune system and then, hopefully, to revive it being leukemia free. I cannot imagine signing this paper but I will because leukemia waits for no one. Thursday is yet again another trip to Atlanta but because we are wild and crazy people we will go to Scottish Rite instead of Egleston and see those doctors there for Pipers regular chemotherapy. I say "we" but mean "Chad" because I am taking the morning off before I begin to speak chemo-ease and not my typical run on English. And Chad has finals this week and next which really, just makes sense for how we tend to roll around here.

There you have it.

We are busy little people. I am attempting to keep my head on straight and am both ready for this whole process to be over with and still hesitant to even begin for hopes of a better, more optimistic option to open up for Piper. I am tired of making big decisions and knowing that none of this was ever on my radar a far as things I wanted when I was a grown up. I know that this is just further proof as to my huge, huge ,huge need to lean on God and his sovereignty and goodness regarding to my plans and hopes and dreams.


  1. Susanna, I am still praying. But if there's something - anything - else I can do, will you let me know?

  2. Praying for you as you lean heavily on our steady Father my friend ... And for dear Chad too during finals weeks. Caffeine/chemistry books/trader joe ale drop-offs available.