Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Its sort of a "photo dump" sort of night.

Here's the post where I catch up on the last month of our lives.

We were blessed to celebrate Thanksgiving at home, a fact that was huge to us since we know that Christmas will be in the midst of radiation and chemo and prior to a transplant. I am deliberately not planning many thing and am choosing to stay close to home. Its a good season for us four...the girls are an absolute joy to be around and with each other and that warms me in a way that nothing else ever can. That being said, we still stay busy painting pumpkins, figuring out our new Ipads, enjoying bonfires, learning the joys of the potty, getting awards for soccer and singing in chapel. I am Susanna, after all..cant sit too still.

Sadly, I am not superwoman and I find that in order to actually participate and enjoy a lot of the moments our family has I have to put the camera down and not worry about it. I'm going to assume that its the ages of my girls since I know many a mother who is somehow able to detail each significant situation and still actually be in the mix of it all.

I want to be like those ladies someday but today, I give you a few new posts about those two sweet girls that I adore and their often silly, sometimes grumpy, frequently crooked, usually smiling blue eyed wonder filled faces. You can adore them too...try not to.

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  1. That is my kinda photo dump Needhams - silly girls. :)