Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Yesterday, my sister and I trekked to Atlanta to get a platelet and blood transfusion for Piper. It takes at least 4 hours to have this done and I was very happy to have company. Not that Piper was any trouble, in fact she is the most easy-going little one out there. She is sitting up without help for a few minutes and rolls all over the place. Not a big fan of being spoon fed, she would much prefer to gnaw on a pretzel or banana. Once again, I am not being the most conventional parent but alot of the mommys of children dealing with cancer have become used to feeding their children doritos for breakfast and milkshakes for a midnight snack in order either get yucky meds into little bodies or to feed sicky/picky eaters around chemo treaments. I am sure we will be able to deal with eating issues down the road.

While we were at Clinic, I was able to meet another little Pyper. I have heard about this sweetie since my Piper was diagnosed. Big Pyper was diagnosed at 6 weeks and has had quite a long journey in her 3 years. I soooo enjoyed meeting her mom, Mandy and finding another mom who has already been through all of this. Infant ALL is so differant and uniquely treated that I now only know of 2 others who have walked this is so scary sometimes but I am thankful for both the Karasicks and the Sellers for answering questions for me.

Linley is wonderful. We took her and Piper to North Carolina to a party on the 22nd and Linley had a blast. She loved being around so many other kiddos and I love watching her play with the children of my own childhood friends. You know your getting old when...

I am making a point to take my camera with me for the next few days. No need to keep my girls sweet faces to myself!


  1. Susanna, it was SO good to see you and meet your beautiful family. I hope you all have the merriest of Christmases... filled with unexpected blessings. :)

  2. It must be a blessing to be able to talk with other people who have been through the things that you are going through now.
    I hope your Christmas was special.