Monday, December 28, 2009

Martin/Needham/Grant family pics

thank you to Mr. Don for taking these wonderful pictures of my family! As one of 4, geting us all together for holidays and stuff gets harder and harder. Gabriel and his wife Samatha live nearby and are expecting their first baby in June. Hannah and Nick live way up in New Hampshire and were only here for a few days. Nathan is in the Army and was not here last Christmas because he found Iraq more interesting and left us. Having all my siblings here and well was grand. Having my girls here and well was a blessing that I never thought I would ever think so big.

So here's to us Martins/Needhams/Grants....I love you all.


  1. These are great too... so glad you were all together for Christmas. Interesting, isn't it, how the little things seem so much more special after life-changing events like cancer. Scott has taught me SO MUCH about embracing the small moments. After losing his first wife so unexpectedly, he certainly has a view of the world that not many have. Cherish every moment, say every "I love you" that you can... we should always do that, but sometimes it takes a cancer diagnosis (or in his case, the death of a loved one) to really make us believe it.