Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gingerbread Houses require too much attention to detail for me

As you can see we made a gingerbread house in the time that Piper and I were home with Linley this week...and as you may also see, apparently gingerbread house making is not one of my skills. Notice the flat, modern, california style roof? Yeah, thats not on purpose. Somehow I didnt notice the size differance with the walls and the roof. And icing is tough to restick. But Linley didnt notice so we were good. Not that Linley noticed anything in between all the candy and icing she was sneaking. And that is my sweet (happy/healthy/wonderful) Piper sitting so happily watching me and Linley, she was also a fan of icing.

We admitted today back to CHOA (Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta) and I will update this tomorrow with all of that information. As of right now we are good and happy.

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