Sunday, December 20, 2009

Home again.

Thank you so much, not only for the words of encouragement about my parenting style but also to those who offered to visit and help me out. Piper and I were able to go home on Tuesday and barring any fevers, should not need to admit until phase 4 begins sometime in early January. She is still on prevacid and diflucan daily, bactrim on the weekends, dexamethasome steriod daily and the nupogen shot nightly. Combine that with Linleys nightly growth hormone and daily levothyroxine for her thyroid and really, I should have been a pharmacist. We are well. Piper is rolling all over the place but prefers to be sitting up.
We went to the clinic on Friday for chemo and it was so nice to be in and out and not walk across the way to be admitted. Piper will not have any chemo until the monday after Christmas and that too will be a few hours and then home again. The rest of phase 3's treament is oral and can be done at home.
Linley has been battling a cough. Nothing more but she is keeping away from Piper, who thankfully has not had her counts drop too much. Please pray that Linleys cough stays just that and does not develop into anything more. She is such a tough 4 year old and has only been truly sick 2x in her life...amazing!

I hope that everyone has a very merry Christmas. Around here we celebrate Jesus' birthday and I pray that you too know Him and celebrate with us. He loves us so.


  1. Wow... and I was thinking antibiotics for four was overwhelming! Still thinking of you guys and praying for you. Tonight, praying especially for Linley.

  2. Merry Christmas to you! Health to your bodies in Jesus' name.

  3. Oh I am so happy for you to be home with BOTH of your sweet girls :) I have LOVED catching up on all of your hysterical posts and can't wait to see what new "traditions" this Christmas brings for you guys :) PS: I won "most unique" in the cookie exchange last week...Yay! My life is now complete :) I can't wait to see how your little cake balls turn out for you and Linley! Take care and say hello to the rest of your wonderful family for me! Love, Heather