Sunday, December 13, 2009

Im a good mommy, promise.

I have a very fussy and uncomfortable baby on my hands. And I am alone...I sent a text to Chad telling him that I would indeed like some "company" ( or someone else to do laps around Aflac with Piper) and I havent heard back yet so I am beginning to tune Piper out. The nurse has given her some adavan (sp) to help her to calm down and hopefully, sleep but so far I just have a 5 month old staring at me from her crib across the room.

Want to know how I calmed her down this morning after one of her fussy jags? I gave her a plastic bag. Yes, a walmart plastic bag. The ones that say "do not allow children under 75 to play with this so that they dont choke and unattentive parents sue us silly". She loved it. ( And I did tie it up in multiple knots and helped her hold it) And I was remembering another lapse in my mothering mentality, that thankfully I was able to common sense think my way out of. Ready? When Linley was younger I used to give her baths alot in the morning while I was putting on my make up or doing my hair. I am a multi-tasker to the extreme and realized this one day when I was watching her, already washed up and happily playing in the bubbles. I thought "hey, I could blow her hair dry while she keeps playing and it will save me a step towards getting us out the door this cold winter morning". Thankfully I DO know it is beyond stupid to use a blowdryer in the bathtub so I waited until she was played out to first, get her out of the bathtub and then proceed to dry her hair. It was at that moment and again today with Piper that I realized that I am the reason manufactorers put warnings on everything.

Please someone tell me that they havent also had temporary stupid mothering thoughts...I swear I am a wonderful mommy.


  1. You are an amazing mommy! We all have moments like that :)

  2. Oh honey, I could write a book about the ridiculous things I did with you kids...but I'd be behind bars or in a mental health institute by now! You get your multi-tasking abilities from your dad; you get your temporary oblivion in such matters from me!(OK, air-headedness, then!) I love you so much!

  3. i'm impressed that you even blow dry linley's hair. we're the "slap a hat on it and quit whining" kind of family. and you, you qualify for mom of the year. i would have been bald by now, from pulling my hair what's a supervised grocery bag really gonna do? nothing. you're awesome.

  4. You, my dear are a mess and it is a beautiful thing. I am so glad you did post this, it makes the rest of us non-super mommies feel ok.
    I love you girl.

  5. Susannah, I love to read your blog when I have a chance. It was such a pleasure to meet you and your sweet family at the hospital when one of our visits overlapped! I enjoyed talking in the hall and seeing how excited Linley was about her sleepover! Too cute. You are a great writer, and a wonderful mom!! Hope things are going well for you. Sarah is in for her 7th round of chemo, and her big surgery in December went really well. Merry Christmas to you and yours! Love, Heather

  6. OMG Susanna!! I am cracking up right now, and dang I feel so much better, I thought I was the only mommy that gave her baby a plastic bag! Seriously just about an hour ago I gave one to Emily! She was so fussy and I was trying to clean the house a little bit but she didn't want me to put her down, so I did my usual with the bag, and I swear it works every time!! I don't even tie knots in it, I will have to remember to do that for now on! I think it is the noise it makes that they like so much! And I like it because I can get my toilets cleaned!! Your a great mommy!!