Tuesday, July 6, 2010

If you are rude to me I will blog about it.

The scene is simple. And frequent as it takes place in Target (a.k.a. My Own Piece of Heaven) The props are my own sweet girls and some other exasperated lady and her incredibly annoying disobedient 3 year old son. The time was obviously nap time, mealtime or just plain spoiled time. I cannot confirm which one as I was not the parent of the said annoying disobedient 3 year old. But I was annoyed because he kept chucking gum at me while she chatted on her cell phone and Linley wanted to know if that was OK to do in Target? (FYI: No)

Exasperated lady: why are your girls so good?

Me: I am just lucky (and we discipline, but no reason for me to judge eh?)

Exasperated lady: I guess so! They are cute...is that one bald? It looks bald. Is it a boy?

Me: ( really? did she really say that?) yep. Shes bald. And wonderfully obedient.

Exasperated lady: Shes about six months right? No? Shes almost 1? Is she OK? She must not be OK if she is so small and bald.

Me: (jeez...) She has Leukemia

Exasperated lady: (Gasp) That's not funny!!!

Me: We don't think so either.

Seriously??? We changed lanes pretty quickly and I muttered a lot under my breathe. It wasn't until I was retelling this story to my family that I saw the small amount of humor in her rudeness. But I was left imagining how hard that conversation would have been to explain to my 5 year old if it were her as the subject. Thankfully Piper was unaware and still gave Miss Exasperated Lady one of her gummy smiles. Traitor.


  1. you are unreal my dear. i am so impressed with how coolly you responded... i probably would have said words that i wouldn't want my kid to repeat.

  2. Wow!! Wow! That's all I can say! (And you didn't leave in a police car...good for you!!) Wow!

  3. oh my word! You have got to be kidding me! I am impressed with you too... I think I would've flown off the handle at that woman.

    (as a side note, I definitely feel for moms who's children are having meltdowns in stores, as I've been there. However, getting off the cell phone would probably help TREMENDOUSLY.)

  4. I was so mad just reading this. I have no words. I feel sorry for people like these. You handled it so well though.

  5. You know what--she is just as ignorant as her son and that is why she is being just plain stupid. Now to the point of baldness. There are plenty of babies that are one and bald, I had some and I believe I was one. I have seen them at school where I work. They are precious. We have a 3 year old in Jess's wedding soon and she just started getting hair and it is coming in as a mohawk--now try to put a tiffany blue bow in that. Yes, it is humorous because they are precious. She was just stupid and you can tell that because her son was so bad. Don't let her take your sweet joy that you have over the gift of life that God Himself has given to Piper. She is a miracle--bald or not--and do you even realize how RARE those are. I have seen two this year and you are one of them. Next time tell her I am the MOTHER of a MIRACLE that obeys me and is polite when I go to the store thank you very much!!!

  6. are you freakin serious??!!! please say that you are joking?!? please?

    i mean, i am the queen of saying the first thing that pops in my head..i embarrass my hubby all the time...but that is OVER the top.

  7. WOW.
    Nice. I always meet the best, and worst, people at Target. I was just commenting to my husband this morning (at Target) how I've had repeated angry enounters with people in the parking lot!

    We never had anything that bad. However, I did have Abigail at an indoor mall playground (at the time, she was bald with a tube in her nose). I watched her play as a two mothers pointed at her and whispered to each other. I really wanted to go over and say "YES! She has cancer! Enjoy your latte!" However, I'm a wuss.