Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

No relapse. Not anywhere. Not in her marrow, blood or Central Nervous System. Whatever was the cause of Pipers lack of appetite and dehydration it is not Leukemia...anything else I can deal with. So praise God!

Her morning sedation went well and she was back in the room with me in about an hour. As soon as she saw me she cuddled right up and went back to sleep. I spent the 30 minutes just praying and praising God. I cannot explain the thought process as you await such life defining results but I felt an absolute peace. And the results brought joy. The GI doctor saw nothing weird during the endoscopy but took a pinch to biopsy just in case. If anything out of the ordinary shows up we will know about it is a day or so.

Right now she is sleeping soundly in her bed next to me. We had an expectantly eventful night last night and missed out on some of that sleep we both were looking forward to. Piper was to receive an IVIG transfusion. IVIG is an immune builder and she was low so they went ahead and scheduled her to receive it while sleeping because the nurse has to check vitals every 30minutes even though she has never had a reaction to it before. So Nurse Heather (one of my favs) was in and out and Piper was sleeping soundly but around 1130 she began to cry softly. Almost like when kids have a bad dream but cant wait up. I went to get some formula for her to calm her down and get her back to sleep but when I went to pick her up her little body was stiffened up. Thankfully, Heather was standing next to me when Piper began to shake and shiver like she was freezing. Heather immediately correctly assumed it was Rigors and called for some Demoral to calm Piper down. Unfortunately Piper began throwing up all of her dinner (and then some) from the shaking. Once they got the shaking down, she refused a bottle but rested on me. I wasn't about to lay her down so she and cuddled up in the chair until the transfusion was completed around 2ish. So I guess from now on she will have to be premedicated whenever she gets IVIG. Funny thing is that I wasn't scared until I had cleaned us both up and she was back nestled in my arms. Poor thing.

So we should be able to head home today if she continues to eat and keep it down. But praise God we are heading home leukemia free still!


  1. Sorry about the rough night............... but GREAT NEWS! I am so happy to hear that everything was clear!

  2. i am super super glad to be hearing this. we've been praying for you guys, and waiting to find out what was up. not super glad about all the other stuff, but hallelujah for no relapse!!

  3. What a blessing and relief! Piper Jean you are an amazing little girl :)