Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Update 7/20 pm

Slowly but surely, Piper is perking up. Still not eating much, although she did nosh out on olives, crackers, ham and yogurt for dinner...but not much in the way of bottles/cups. Still not throwing up. She is still on fluids and she is now running around the Aflac unit with a walk behind toy and me chasing after her attempting to keep her from deaccessing her port. And that makes me happy.
Piper had a swallow study done this afternoon even though I told them that she is fully capable of chewing and swallowing anything she wants, it just has to be when she wants to. Of course, she did fine with both liquids and solids and I had a chance to talk to the speech therapist about doing some early work with Piper on her eating issues irregardless. Treating the leukemia is always first and foremost but at the times that Piper is feeling well we do attempt to treat her as normally as possible by offering her the same foods we eat and speaking to her like I would any child.
Tomorrow at 8:30am Piper will be heading back into sedation. This will be different than the monthly sedation's she gets in the clinic. Different meds, different tests being done and it will be close to an hours worth of time versus her normal 10-15 minutes. While I am not concerned about the sedation I am very concerned about results. I hope I have relayed the importance of good biopsy results. Basically, anything else is fixable. Relapse in Infant Leukemia greatly lowers the chance of long term survival and completely prolongs the suffering and treatment we will have to give Piper.

So, she is doing better but will still have her LP tomorrow. Hopefully I will know something pretty soon and I can update you all.


  1. We are praying for CLEAN & CLEAR results! We claim it! We will try to stop by & see you guys....Piper walking with a walker....wow, they grow up so fast! Can't wait to see her!

    We love you guys!

    With Love @ God Speed,
    Scott, Britney, and Bo Story

  2. Pryaing for you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!