Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just a little family jaunt.

Unfortunately this summer has not been one filled with all the fun that I had hoped for. While some days are better than others, nothing is consistent enough to really plan around. I am immensly happy that there are lots of little girls running around our complex that love Linley and that Linley loves right back. Loves enough to trade her princess silly band with...and for a 5 year old that is a true best friend. We have a small pool and a sprinkler and the girls are out there in that about 3 times a week but we are hesitant to actually pack up and go to a pool.

But I had enough. After a busy and fussy week, I begged Chad to take me and the girls to the local state park to the beach area for some much needed away from home time. And he did. And we invited his mom because I still am giddy with adults to chat with. And we all had a great time. We chose to go at 6pm to stay away from that hot GA sun and it was a perfect choice. We didnt leave until it got dark and for the most part Piper was happy. Linley is quite a fish and really loves being thrown into the water with a big splash. It was simple and it was easy and it was good.


  1. praise God for chic-fil-a, sand, water, children, adult family and summer dusk!

  2. Hello Needham Family, I am Wendy Jones from Illinois and my husbands cousin had your link on her facebook and I was interested due to my youngest sister fighting Leukemia most of her young life. I read all your blogs and not only understood a lot of what you are going through due to her experiences but also due to me being an RN for 30 years. My sisters name is Angela but she goes by Angel which fits her well with all she has been through. She had a strawberry birthmark on her side and at 9 months old this was removed and then they found she had Leukemia. We first started out at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago which is 2 hours from our hometown. She has been diagnosed with ALL, then AML, then CML during her years with it. We went from there to Wyler Children's Hospital in Chicago and finally to University of Illinois Hospital in Chicago, her main Oncologist back then was Dr. Pang. Her first 3 years were mainly in one of those hospitals and our local one CGH here in Sterling IL. She had some many bone marrows, nosebleeds, transfusions, bruising, sores in and around her mouth and nose, countless medications, IV's and all you are experiencing. She developed a big abdomen and very jaundice due to her liver enlarging around 2 years old and ended up having major surgery in Chicago taking half her liver, appendix and spleen out and that seemed to turn her around and do so much better. She stayed on 6mp and penicillin until she was 18 as a preventative measure and after that was in remission and fine. She married and has 3 grown daughters and 4 beautiful grand-daughters. Angel is 45 now and doing well. She still sees her oncologist and at times has had some questionable episodes where I gave her Interferon injections but got through those. I told her about your blog so you may hear from her :-) I understand all your frustrations and I am very proud of how you are handling it, God truly does help us through so many things. Keep your chin up and smile, love your husband and girls all you can, each day is precious. Your girls are absolutely beautiful! I wish you the best and know with Angel that miracles do happen!