Friday, July 2, 2010

My daughter is a superstar

If you all have fantastic memories, and I am sure you do, then you will remember me mentioning having Piper's pictures done at the clinic by an amazing organization called Flashes of Hope. One of the poses was one of Piper in nothing but a diaper cover, a big bow and her 3 (at the time...we now have 5) strands of Beads of Courage. Well, today I answered my phone (seriously, I shocked) and it was a Flashes of Hope representative asking for my permission to use that picture in a new gallery that Scottish Rite is designing. How cool is that??? No matter where we are in 10 years, my sweet Piper will still be gracing the halls of her second home.

And in my defense for not posting these amazing pictures yet, I only have a netbook. Not a grownup laptop. Thus, no cd rom thingy. Thus, no posting yet. But I will get the picture on here for you guys plus the rest of them.

Other than that I don't have much to update. Piper is back to normal. Steroids are gone. Thank God. Her top 2 teeth have broken through and she seems oblivious. And why shouldn't she be, she's been eating steak and table foods since she was 6 months old with no teeth. Obviously they are not necessary for my little one. She has taken 3 steps unassisted but usually falls down from laughing. And she has the sweetest little laugh. Its all squishy nose and growling. So sweet.

She turns One next Wednesday and we are having a party/open house on the 9th at 6pm at my parents house if anyone is interested in dropping by. So many people have been praying for her so this is your chance to see her in action. And she is simply awesome so its worth the trip. My email is if you need/want directions...just let me know!

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  1. I wish I could come! But, happy birthday Piper :)