Sunday, June 27, 2010

baby Bjorn bike riding, sprinklers and a very yummy lollipop.

Before you call the authorities on my family for the first picture please imagine if you will a screaming, 11 month old. The whole week has been one big scream fest and this made Piper immensely, you wont be able to see it in her face but as you can see she is not screaming. So she was thrilled. Take my word for it.

Steroids are done. And by last night she was much improved. I have high hopes for an entire night sleep but wont bet anything worth anything on it. This afternoon while kissing on Piper's sweet little (non-screaming) face I spied something I had been dreaming of...a tooth. A little white tooth cutting its way into Pipers little gums. Perhaps another reason that this week has been so very horrid?

Either way, we are alive and well. No more screaming from any of us girls and a few snippets of the week to show me that it wasn't THAT bad was it??? (yes, yes it was actually)

And another thing I am happy to report...I am finishing up my slump, thank you very much. Its a mind over matter sort of thing. No, not really. Its the reminder that my God loves me. Nothing more and nothing less but somehow I am going to use that simple truth to catapult me back into the land of the living. Plus, someone needs to resume the cooking, cleaning and laundry around here for my motley crew. So thank you Lord...I have made it. Literally, thank you sweet Lord.

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  1. So glad you survived :) Praying for you still!