Saturday, June 12, 2010


Still working our way through this. Pipers ANC jumped from 30 to 23o overnight so that is good. She still is here until Monday night or Tuesday morning. We will go home with a "medicine ball" apparently which will dose out her anitbiotics for 30 min at a time every 8 hours. I am very tired even though I was able to go home and sleep in until 9am. (Linley brought me breakfast in bed consisting of a tomato, 3 peanut butter M&M's and a yogurt covered pretzel) Leukemis sucks me dry. I am a bone-weary that I dont think I ever will get rest from. And that simply stinks.
Pipers bottom is looking better, thanks to the white blood cells rising. She is a little fussier, also thanks to the white blood counts rising. Linley and Chad have joined us here tonight and Linley will be here with me and Piper until we are discharged this week. I forsee alot of walking and alot less sleeping and alone time. Can you tell that I am just tired? Im going to stop the update now before I begin to whine like a baby.

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  1. i think you have permission to whine and cry like a baby. and may the Lord be your source of unending comfort.