Monday, June 14, 2010

He cares for me.

I have had an old song that my mom used to sing to us floating through my head all day. Its based on scripture and since you (unfortunately) aren't close enough to hear me sing, I will write out the words
"My God shall supply all your needs, according to His riches and glory. He will make His angels charge over thee, Jehovah Jirah cares for me, for me, for me. Jehovah Jirah cares for me."

Simple but true. I believe that God is supplying all of my needs. I believe He is doing so in His own perfect way and I believe that irregardless of how many bad days in a row that I have, He still cares very much for me. Of course, believing that and attempting to not be a total sour-puss when life feels very "lemony" instead of "lemonady" is a whole other story.

Piper is fantastic. Her ANC went from 290 to 1230 within 24 hours. I still find it amazing how quickly the drugs can cause counts to both jump up and drop down. So, she was able to discontinue to Neupogen (given to rise those white blood cells to fight off infections) and will be finishing up one antibiotic tomorrow. The plan is to leave tomorrow morning, but we still have to go to about 45 minutes in the opposite direction to see a home health nurse to train me how to use the medicine ball and all the other instructions I will need. After that we should be home and healthy, God willing, for a few weeks except for day clinic visits on Mondays. Oh, and to show us just how good she really is feeling, Piper is beginning to walk. At first it was just staggering and holding onto my fingers and now she is able to hold onto one finger and trot around quite well. She even took an "almost-step" from one ride-on toy to another. What a little show off, eh?

Linley has been here with me since Saturday morning and its been wonderful. She loves the nurses and loves the attention and really, really loves the mailbox that was set up outside out door. It often has a little note or something for her and she just lights up. Last night, after we put Piper to bed, Linley was able to wander around with me and then cuddle up and read herself to sleep. She felt very grown up and slept until almost 9 this morning. And today Camp Sunshine (a camp for cancer kiddos) came to Aflac to do crafts and play games and she even got to see a magic show. Somehow, Piper paid attention for a large portion of it too. Camp Sunshine should be back tomorrow so maybe Linley will be able to participate in some activities before we run out the door....I mean leave.

I am going to take some pics of the girls tonight and post again. Its just not fair to keep sweetness all to myself.

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