Monday, June 7, 2010


Here we are again. Back at Aflac...back at Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta. Dont get me wrong, I am incredibley thankful for these amazing doctors and nurses but I am not so thankful to be back. Linley is in VBS this week and I was looking forward to hearing about all those fun things she was doing but instead I am here in room 196 just hanging out. Piper began a fever on Sunday afternoon while I was at lunch with my sweet friend Kara. By the time Kara and I ate lunch and browsed Barnes and Nobles Piper was up to 100.7 and we knew we were "going in" because once you get into Aflac, getting out is close to impossible. Sure enough, Chad dropped Linley off with my mother in law and went on to work and I packed up a very feverish Piper and headed to the ER. We got into a room by 8ish and have been here since. Her blood cultures came back with Gram Negative Rods (or Gram Rods Negative...I dont know) and so we know it is a bacterial infection as opposed to a viral. They have her on 3 antibiotics and tylenol as needed and we are simply waiting to see what type of bacterial infection it is so we can treat it more specifically. She is still getting her Neupogen, which helps her white blood cells rise. Hopefully all of her counts will begin to rise soon also and that should help out. Her left ear had some dried blood on it when she woke from her nap on my chest this morning and the doctor said her eardrum was red but the 3 antibiotics should clear that up. They did go ahead and give her a platelet transfusion to keep from more bleeding out.
So now we wait and see. We expected her counts to bottom out but Thursday they were at 1500 and Sunday at 0 so that was a pretty steep drop. Piper isnt too hungry but I have gotten a few ounces in her and she is on fluids to keep from becoming dehydrated. My mom is here with me tonight and is currently holding the little miss while I type this. I am trying to not be to worried about this, but keep in mind that this is her first infection. Each other fever was simply that, a fever. I am praying that she is able to hold her own against whatever is fighting inside her until her counts recover enough to heal her up. Thankfully, she is not inconsolable but definitely just pathetic.
I will update when I hear more. Right now I am going to attempt to get some sleep. This place feels like noon at midnight sometimes and I am thinking this may be one of those nights.

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