Tuesday, June 15, 2010

happy to be home

I attempted to post some pictures on here last night but the hospital Internet was being wacky. Here is how we spent the evening, hanging out outside playing putt putt, pretending the be mermaids and riding on the dog-looking things downstairs. The girls and I were home by 2ish today (record time for this hospital) and Linley is now dressing up in my "fancy" clothes and Piper is happily eating clam chowder with Chad. My back hurts, my feet are swollen and I am beyond exhausted. I am very, very, very much looking forward to getting the girls in bed and settling in for the night and waiting on Chad to get home from work. There truly is no place like home. One thing that I am still learning each visit is that I am not alone in this cancer battle. There are many other mommy's and daddy's and patients and siblings who also deal with this and deal with it well. When Piper began her treatment back in September we made many friends. A lot of those same friends have completed their treatments or are in the maintenance phase and we don't get to see their faces much...I miss that encouragement. But this visit I met and bonded with a few other mommy's, some who were new diagnosis and some who are veterans. I was also reminded just how much I love Piper's Aflac nurses. It does my heart good to see both old and new friends. You all mean the world to us!

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  1. beautiful girls! there's just something about sisters :)