Thursday, June 10, 2010


There are a few things that I should not do when I am here at Aflac. One is visit the gift shop more than 2x per day. Another is staying up so late visiting with anyone who will talk to me in full sentences. And the third thing is "decorate" my blog. I can't do it. I have tried and it is to no avail. I do not know what html is and I do not know what a template is. I still cannot figure out how to post a picture and then write a little note under it instead of all the pics and then a long, long (usually) run on sentence or paragraph of ramblings. Or very important updates but often enough, its ramblings. So I am going to leave this blog the way it is until someone who knows what they are doing can fix it up for me. That would be so grand. And fancy too don't you think? Check back to see if anyone has taken pity on me and helped me out...
Other than the money I am spending and the sleep I am missing, all is well still. Each day Piper gets a little more "umphff" to her. Her counts still have not begun to rise much but there is still nothing growing on her cultures. Praise God. Here's to hoping I sleep with my whole little family in my own home on Monday night. We continue to move around the hospital ALL.DAY.LONG. Ask anyone. We simply cannot stay still. Neither me or Piper, so we are on the go. Now she wants to be walking around so we often leave the stroller in the room and march around. She is the cutest thing. And Linley came up today with Chad so I had double the cuteness. We had a lot of fun and Piper was so, so happy to wake up from her nap and see her sister and her daddy. And I was so, so happy to leave the girls with Chad and go grab myself some dinner.
Tomorrow I expect more of the same. My mom, who is my absolute favorite person in the world most of the time since September, is staying the night with Piper while I meet up with Linley and Chad to see Linleys VBS program and take part in the hot dog cookout too. I plan to bring Linley back with me on Saturday until we are allowed out of this joint on Monday, hopefully. And next week I plan to do nothing but enjoy my girls and our summer.


  1. i have always thought that your blog was the absolute cutest! And have many times wondered how you manage to do it all... the red polka dots reminded me of Piper's adorable dress for Hannah's wedding and somehow seemed to also match her bubbly personality to a T. Oh well, what do I know? I am so happy for you getting to go check out the VBS show with your wonderful husband and daughter. I love you bunches-

  2. i love love the birds and the color!! and i think you have permission to enjoy that aflac gift shop if you wanna :)-heather