Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hayes Family

Last summer whenever I heard the word "cancer" I shuddered...but in that whole "can you imagine?" way. Now I shudder because I dont have to imagine, I know how difficult it is on the entire family. And now I hear of people who have cancer all over the place.

I have a friend named Kelly. She and I lived together in Texas way back when we were volunteering as missionaries. Kelly is vivacious, hilarious and a joy to be around. Kelly has a son who is 3 and a daughter who is Pipers age. Kelly is married to a Godly man who loves her and respects her and mainly, loves the Lord. His name is Andy. And Andy has cancer. If I am not misstaken (and correct me if you need to Kelly) Andy was diagnosed first with sinus cancer. After being treated for that he found out that the cancer had spread and there were now tumors in his brain and spine. He has undergone chemo, surgeries and radiation. He was told today that they are giving him 3-6 months left to live his life.

Kelly and Andy are believing that God can heal Andys body. I believe it too. But sometimes God choses to take us down very difficult paths and we have to trust that His will IS both sovereign and good. So irregardless of what Andy, Kelly, Travis and Jenna will endure in the future I mostly pray that my God will hold them. Please pray with me, with desperation, that God will heal Andy and hold the whole family. Cancer still makes me shudder but now I am fully confident that being held and comforted by my God is truly enough to manuveous me through another day. I pray that over the Hayes family...will you pray with me?


  1. Yes dearest i most certainly will!

  2. & Please pray for my sister in law, Summer's mom, who is also in need of healing and the Lord's comfort and touch...