Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Hey, it's okay"

to have 13336 unread messages in your email in-box.

to be thrilled when Piper poops and it is all IN her diaper, as opposed to leaking out.

to be annoyed that cowboy boots are in style...darn stylist copycats.

to lust after moms who get to drive mini vans.

to walk out the door to take Linley to school in only a sleep shirt and semi-pause while contemplating whether that is appropriate enough to drive her to kindergarten. its not.

to still get totally nauseated on the way to clinic each week until hearing good blood work results.

to ask your hubby whether he is ready for another baby even though you aren't either.


  1. is it ok to wish that there was a tutor fairy that would magically appear to take over when patience runs thin...I think math might just take us all down!

  2. IS there another baby?? :-) Becki