Wednesday, October 6, 2010

weekly clinic visit 10/6

I don't usually stay as on top of Pipers clinic visit updates as I should but I have 4 (yep, 4) loads of laundry about to be ready down at the laundromat and I am not down with doing them quite yet. And so I will use this blog as a handy-dandy procrastination tool.

Piper, me and 1 bazillion of our closest friends headed down Interstate 85 to Atlanta this morning. Pipers appointment was at 9:30am and we were in and out in about an hour and a half. We have the drill DOWN.

*Get in car, drink milk, stop and get donut/biscuit, arrive at Scottish Rite, unload most of our earthly belongings into the best stroller ever made, (wave, wave, wave and smile), walk across the street, scream because we cant push the red alarm button in the elevator, crack open the donut/biscuit bag, arrive at clinic,(wave, wave, wave and smile), have blood pressure checked, temperature checked, heart rate checked, keep noshing on donut/biscuit, prick our finger and get some blood, stand on scale like a big girl, (wave, wave, wave and smile), be placed in a tiny room, attempt to stick finger with band aide in nose and giggle, yell, leave tiny room, roam the halls and make new friends, growl at new friends, get tracked down by Ms Lois and dragged back to tiny room, hear how grand we are, get happy news, leave tiny room, play with toys, get tracked down by Ms Kim, back to tiny room, lay down, sign "eat", lick crumbs from donut/biscuit bag, lay down again, get my port accessed, quickie chemo push, sit up, (wave, wave, wave and smile), walk towards the elevator, stop to smear "magic soap" on our pants and shoes (???) at the lobby, walk across the street, buckle princess grumps into her car seat with milk and doggie, load most of our earthly belongings plus some back into trunk, get myself settled into my seat, stare out the window for a second, and drive back down Interstate 85 with a few less of my 1 bazillion new friends.

The happy news is that next weeks chemo is the last before Maintenance begins. Of course, we are practically walking uncharted territory with Piper and her diagnosis, but the longer she goes without relapse, the more hopeful we become. And Piper is doing pretty well. All of her blood counts look great and right where they want them. Nurse Lois and I talked a little about getting Piper signed up for some therapy to work on her eating and walking. And Pipers weight did go from 6.7 kilo to 6.8...multiply it by 2.2 and you have her in pounds. She is so very small but looks less like a refuge after every chunk of cheese she downs.

The rest of the afternoon consisted of Target, the library, the playground, stupid laundry, warming up left overs for dinner and taking a night time walk. Both girls were exhausted by 8:00 so we forfeited baths in favor of extra stories and yummy bedtime milk. Which leaves me with plenty of time to fold those 4( yep, 4) loads of laundry waiting for me. Unless Facebook needs me when Blogspot is done. And I am pretty sure that it will.

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