Monday, October 4, 2010

"Hey, its okay"

to wash your face with the hand soap next to the sink because the face wash is 6 steps to many away in the shower.

to wonder if a sister-wife would be a good addition to the family.

to realize that having a junk load of laundry is no reason to share my husband every other night.

to get giddy when the weather cools enough for cardigans (I lurve cardigans).

to have days where it is very, very, very difficult to like your children.(but to chose to kept them anyways)

to accept that marriage counseling should just be a given throughout your marriage.

to get totally itchy every time you watch Hoarders.

to admit to yourself that you really must watch too much TLC.

to rock a ponytail every day.

1 comment:

  1. It's funny you should say that about the handsoap, as my three year old loves to empty every soap bottle she can grab into her bathtub. (therefore i buy huge bottles of handsoap to compensate for her naughtiness, horrible i know...) i often decide to wash dishes with the handsoap, because what the hey if its good enough for my hands...