Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Hey, Its okay"

to be wrongly impressed that instead of actually sounding out and spelling words to explain the pictures she draws, Linley actually does the initials instead...example: "IWATH" instead of "I want a tree house".

to dislike sweet tea. Actually, I hate the stuff. There I said it...

to halfheartedly wipe the shower walls off with an old washcloth someone left in there and then tell everyone I cleaned the bathroom today.

to sneak into my daughters rooms at night to kiss on their sweet, sleepy faces.

to hold off on doing laundry until Thursdays because The Office and 30 Rock are the only fathomable reasons to sit and fold 4 loads of laundry at a time.

to have both Tori Spelling and Clark Howard on my "ooohh-how-neato-are-these-people???" list.

to have days where I count down the hours to bedtime as I am hitting my alarm clock to get up.

to be 29 years old and just now figuring out how to wear lipstick

And FYI...I don't actually lust after the moms who drive mini-vans, but rather I lust after all the storage, and seat belts and sliding doors. Ahh...


  1. Haha, this is good stuff! How you do it is beyond me, making folding laundry into humor :) Way to go Idaho.
    Linley is too smart for words, she has figured it out already...Maybe a born military wife...Love you dear Needhams

  2. I've been following your blog since you started it and wanted you to know that I've prayed for your family this last year. While I don't have a child with cancer my family is no stranger to cousin was diagnosed with ALL when he was 3. He turned 18 last week and did all of his treatments at Scottish Rite. Don't lose hope! We serve a mighty God. And lastly, you've inspired me with your "Hey, it's okay..."series to write my own. I can completely relate! And hey, I hate sweet tea too. :o)

  3. thanks Kate! I always hope someone is reading what I am writing...and just so you know, I am now planning to copy your "daybook" posts. :)