Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Growing up we never did Halloween. My parents went out of their way to give us a good time at the church parties, or at Pizza Hut or even once I remember renting a video and hiding out in the dark basement ignoring those pesky trick or treaters. It was a little embarrassing but no biggie. My brother though, got in trouble a few years for telling the other neighborhood kids that it was "Satan's birthday"...which made sense to us if Christmas was Jesus' birthday. As a parent now, I am certain that none of those neighborhood mothers were too excited to see the Martin kids and their opinions coming.
All that to say Chad and I DO trick or treat with the girls. While I by no means am an advocate of Satan, demons, horror or any other similar parts of Halloween, I am a huge advocate of dressing up, eating candy, taking a walk with my family and creating smiles on my girls faces. It works for us.

And here are those sweet smiling girls (OK, just Linley. Piper doesn't smile and definitely doesn't smile after a 5 day pulse of steroids.) And that is my hottie hubby with his "good" teeth and Piper staring at them. And that may be me glowing from all the silvery hair glitter that I sprayed in a very fancy angel named Linley's hair. And a good time was had by all.


  1. I wonder what does your mother have to say about all of the hullabaloo? Anyways, it goes with out saying you know how to have a good time :)


  2. Love the pictures! And I feel exactly the same way about Halloween. After taking us kids trick-or-treating for the first 10 or so years of our lives, my parents "saw the light" and would take part no more. Actually some of my fondest halloween memories were "hiding" in the house watching a movie in the back room with the lights off! haha :) Now, as a parent, I find myself squarely in your corner. My girls love dressing up anyway, why would I skip the one day that it's encouraged & expected?! :)