Sunday, November 7, 2010

Clinic visit tomorrow

Because of Pipers amazing ability to lose 3 lbs in 3 months, the oncologist are becoming concerned. Now. Not at each clinic visit we go to every single week for the last 14 months. Just now. Believe me when I say these doctors are the best out curing Cancer. The rest of the whole growing and thriving bit seems to be off the radar until it becomes a big 'ole problem. You know, like losing 3 lbs in 3 months. And so...

Tomorrow Piper and I and my sister are visiting Scottish Rite to have an ultrasound done and then a follow up weight check across the street in clinic. ALL of Piper's chemo medications have side effects. Many of them are partially protected by pre-medicating, but because she has had such an intense and long treatment so far, the possibility of there being damage is high. Thankfully she is no longer throwing up or having diarrhea so that is a blessing. A blessing to her, to me, to the laundromat downstairs, to her poor bedsheets and to the little pink doggy she carries around which inevitably got the worst of each episode.

So pray for us tomorrow if you think of it. She is still not scheduled for a chemo visit for another 2 weeks so this should be a simple visit and the ultrasound should be routine. Hopefully if there is a reason beyond what we are already suspecting then it can be easily remedied. And prayerfully, every clinic visit from here on out will continue to show her body producing healthy cells. Everything else we can deal with.

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