Saturday, November 13, 2010


Much better day. I made myself stop worrying about the amount of calories she was taking in and focused on encouraging her when she took the formula by sippy cup, versus syringe. And no throwing up. She totaled 15 oz all day and while that is below the goal, it ALL stayed down. There were no tears or pushing her to drink, rather alot of cuddling and singing. Success. She also snacked a little on gouda cheese, rice at the mexican restaurant, salty soy beans, and a little banana nut bread with her sister while Mommy and Daddy shopped for a new desk for Daddy. I cannot tell you what a relief this was.

And now, at 2am I have a house to pick up. My lovely aunt is coming tomorrow to help me out around the house but I am attempting to get a head start...good luck with that, huh.

So its been a good day. Continue to pray that Piper's appetite increases and she begins to consume as much formula as her little (sweet, silly, special) heart so desires.

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