Saturday, November 20, 2010


I have been feeling the need lately to disconnect, even to disengage. Life for us is busy. Sometimes stressful. Often beautiful. Randomly it's not. But no matter what each day holds for the four of us, it is undeniably going very quickly.

I am the mother of two amazing little fancy faces. I find total and utter completion in this career path of raising, rearing and loving them. I love the day to day exhaustion that being a mommy brings. I love being a homemaker and to feminists be damned, it is fulfilling. I don't get bored or feel like my talents are being wasted. I don't miss dressing up or feel the need to drive a nice car. I am simply and unequivocally satisfied with mothering two little girls and wifing one amazing man. It is my destiny and I am blessed by God to be able to strive to do it with all that is within me.

All of that is why I am disconnecting. I resigned from facebook, I check my email maybe once a day, I am screening my phone calls and I am settling in. Not for forever...perhaps just a season. Instead I am being beaten by a 5 year old at Monopoly Jr, I am wandering around the woods with a 1 year old, I am reading books that guide me, stealing moments with my spouse, spending time with God and resting my soul. And it is goooood.

I noticed how quickly life is passing me when I went in to tuck Linley in last week and her legs were sooo long. Her hair is becoming golden instead of towheaded and her cheeks are no longer those of a small chubby little girl. I turned to kiss on Piper and noticed her hair is truly coming in, her eyelashes are beginning to rival her sisters and she no longer sleeps only on her tummy. In ten years, I am going to wish that my 15 year old were nearly as chatty as she was at five or that my eleven year old wanted to be as physically close to me as she did today. Prayerfully, what I do today will impact them then and I will not feel an agonizing pain at the thought of them growing up if I deliberately enjoy them today. And if it means that I am disconnected or even disengaged in order to prioritize; then that for me, for at least this season, is the most important thing I can do.


  1. I know the feeling! And I think you are doing absolutely the right thing for your sweet family. Hope to still get occasional updates though :)

  2. Hey Susanna... I went to send you a fb message & remembered this! Can you email me your address??

  3. Sarah, we are moving...(what???) but if you email me at I will get you my current address.

    And thanks for inspiring me to step back from FB. :)

  4. Hello dear one it is refreshing to hear your love and contentment... I would love to have your new address if/when you get the chance :)
    All our love.

  5. Well said, as usual!!!!!! I agree wholeheartedly that being a homemaker is so fulfilling. There is nowhere else I would rather be!! I applaud you for disconnecting in order to make every moment count.
    Much love! Heather