Sunday, November 14, 2010


I think my concept of a "good" day has been warped permanently. Piper is not such an independent child. Linley was and is. Piper on the other hand is perfectly contented to sit on my hip all day long and growl. (yes, growl...she kind of has this thing with growling) We are still chugging along with the eating and she went all day yesterday eating about 14 oz until she threw up when I gave her her late night chemo...but I truly think it was a gag reflex, not a reaction to the amount of formula we are attempting to have her consume. Today has been even better with her drinking 4oz at breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacking a bit in between. And keeping it all down. Even the diarrhea has lessened. Minor success but I will take it.

And she is pretty happy. Odd though it may be, she has been the happiest refuge-looking child out there. Today she was contented to play on her own a few times and even came crawling to find me versus screaming bloody murder when I left her alone. She even pushed her stroller around a bit. Major success there. And it was sooo nice. It made for a very "good" day for us. I wasn't counting down the hours until bedtime, Linley wasn't begging for my vague attention, I even cooked a real meal, and everyone enjoyed each other. I loved it.

I am hoping that Piper will continue to trend upward as far as wanting to consume both formula and food. She has only had 4 days of this new med called Megace but I am uncertain as to how long it takes to really get her appetite moving...although I do see an improvement. As of right now she is not due to be seen at the clinic until next Monday and will be weighted there. Hopefully she will have gained enough that the Powers That Be will feel like this is working, otherwise we are back to the blasted NG tube talk.

Today at my parents church they prayed specifically for Piper and the eating issues we are having. Someone came up to my mom and told her that they would be fasting for Piper for 3 days...I began to sob. I am so tired. I am so overwhelmed. But it is these amazing people who are here to hold my arms up, like Aaron did for Moses in the battle of Amalekits. (powerful story in Exodus 17) That person coupled with so many others who have prayed, pitched in and encouraged us are amazing. Thank you.


  1. What sweet pictures, her eyes emanate beauty! I pray today for the strengthening of Piper's entire body, that she will continue to be the fighter that we all know her to be, and that the Lord would give Chad and you wisdom to know precisely what to do and when to do it...

    We love and are praying for you all.

  2. The last picture favors Linley! Piper may be clingy right now, but I feel like she's going to have a mind of her own and be spunky like her mama one day!

  3. Hang in there! Praying for you right now!