Monday, November 8, 2010

Clinic Visit 11/8

For some reason I was thinking the ultrasound was given to check out her ability to consume food but apparently it was done to chck out her kidneys and bladder in light of her UTI last month. It went well enough. She hates to be held down, but the tech was a great combination of firm and patient. And the results are normal. Her kidneys are small for her age but normal for her size with no masses or damage to be found. Her bladder was perfect as well.

After that we went out for lunch then back to the hospital for her weight check at the clinic. And that wasn't so grand. Piper has only gained .3 oz in two weeks. Not so great. Nurse Amy was able to get us in to see the GI doctor tomorrow at 1:00 so we are back in Atlanta once again. She has all but decided that an NG tube is the next step. I am overwhelmed at the thought of beginning new treatments when life was supposed to be becoming a little more simple. Mostly I am at a loss. I cannot make her eat and I cannot make her gain weight. I have a list of skeptical questions for the Dr tomorrow and a fragile hope that this may be the answer to the Case of the Incredible Shrinking Girl.


  1. praying for you guys this morning...

  2. Will be in prayer for the weight to begin to be put on and for the doctors to be given the wisdom to know what to do.