Monday, November 22, 2010

What else...

...could one very fancy five year old possibly wear for an after dinner walk with their daddy? My Linley is always dressing up but apparently she is dressing up and out of some of her old dress up clothes. And don't forget the cowboy boots, they are Linleys favorites and like her mommy she chooses to wear those babies out!

On a less fanciful note, tomorrow is a big day for Piper. Apparently the Babies Cant Wait program here in Ga is a little lax about the whole babies waiting thing and in the meantime, we have snagged an appointment with the speech therapist at the hospital. That will be an hour and a half appointment starting at 8:40 tomorrow and I have no earthly idea what they will be doing. But I have high hopes for it being very beneficial for Piper over the coming weeks and months. After that appointment, we go up 2 floors and check in at the clinic for her monthly chemo and port flush. I am pretty sure she will be getting an IVIG transfusion as well, which will run about 3 hours plus being pre-medicated beforehand because she reacted badly to it back in August. And we will also be weighing Piper. I hate weighing Piper. I will say that over the last 2 weeks she has consistently been getting 800+ calories in her each day in any way possible. That HAS to count for something. My prayer is that she will have gained enough that the Powers That Be will allow us to hold off on the NG tube. And as always we pray that Pipers numbers are exactly where they are supposed to be and remission will continue.

I am worn out tonight and am thrilled that Chad is out of school for the week and can join me tomorrow. Not quite as thrilled about Piper beginning her steroid week but superbly thrilled about kicking Leukemia once and for all.


  1. can't wait to hear! glad you didn't take a hiatis from the blog :) love following yall and praying, heather

  2. Still praying for both of you and can't wait to hear how today went for you!! Glad that Chad can go as well.