Saturday, August 27, 2011


Things are moving along quite smoothly.

Piper has completed two of the three types of chemo that she will be receiving this month. She still is getting her oral innovative therapy chemo each day and that is going well and will be a daily thing until she has received it for 28 that point she is going to have another lumbar aspirate to see if she is (please sweet Jesus) in remission again. Because all of her quickly growing cells, including any leukemia, are being wiped out, an infection is probable and thus it is easier to just have her stay here while being watched closely.

So what are we doing? You in this amazing yes, but boring also hospital? Well, I always joked before that Piper and I had a busy daily schedule of dining out (icky cafeteria), shopping (expensive gift shop), and visiting the aquarium (big ole fish tank). And usually our friend the ever clunky IV pole has followed us around while nipping at my ankles. Good times.

This time around we are still doing the whole dinner/shopping/touristy gig but we have new and exciting excursions to add. The library! The garden! The playground! The elevator! The beautiful water fountain we aren't supposed to stick sweet little girl toes in! Thankfully (and surprisingly) Piper is still eating and drinking just enough to keep her off the IV pole unless she is getting blood/platelets/other yummy things...which is a godsend because the girl still doesn't walk independently.

Cheerfully yes, but not independently.

The family went Wed to have our blood work taken to see if any of us are a match for Pipers BMT. Piper received a low dose of morphine on Thursday after her sedation chemo because of pain but thankfully no fever. The orthopedics people are visiting this week to check out her left ankle (again). CMV is still undetectable in her blood work. She still has her hair but we are noticing a few golden hairs at a time in our fingers while stroking her head...and that for me is possibly the most difficult thing this week.

There is an awful lot of Elmo going on in this room these days. A million thanks to everyone who sent pj's, though I swear that was not my intention while yucking it out at Target. Our family is feeling the strength of your prayers, encouragement, and thoughtful gifts and notes whether you are family, friend, or a stranger.

Thank you.


  1. Hello sweet family, Piper is truly an amazing little girl! She has such a way about her that brings such joy to those around her. Where did she get that performer in her?!

    Love you all much :)

  2. The Needham Family: You don't know me, but you know my son & daughter-in-law, Nick & Christina! As I read your blog, my heart became very heavy! I can't relate to what you must be going through, but I can relate....I underwent a kidney transplant on May 19 of this year after I was diagnosed w/kidney failure in July 04. I had no idea what was to come, but long story short, and after so many people praying, plus being on dialysis, God came through for me in a big way! My living donor turned out to be a complete stranger; you see, I listen to 104.7 all the time, and my husband, Lewis, emailed them a short story of my quest for a kidney. After some hesitation on their part (the station) they announced it over the airways back in January of this year. Two people responded, one turned out to be my donor; his name is Chuck Pitts. God had been working on this, i'm convinced, since my birth. I was born with plumbing problems (which is another story in itself) and my prognosis was not good at all. Anyway, I have my kidney and am doing great! Thanks be to God! All I can offer to you and the family is hope. One verse I plastered on my computer at work is 2 Cor 12:9. It gave me hope and got me through each & every day! Please know you as well as the girls and your wife are in my prayers...I believe God is working on your Piper as well. Hang in there and know prayers are being lifted up! (Did you get your wine you wanted?) In Christ - Peggy Brannen