Friday, August 12, 2011

Im a new fan of peer pressure.

Not in the whole Toddler and Tiaras sort of way, or heaven forbid that ridiculous show I watched reruns of at midnight called Dance Moms. No way Jose...I can not imagine pressuring my daughters in such superficial ways.

But for walking? For my 2 year old? I had to do a little compromising. I had to look at her little sweet face and tell her "Gunner can do it, can you?". Seriously though, she is two years old and her legs are strong, its her balance we are working on. And in the last 48 hours she has begun to let go of her stroller/couch/wall and balance herself while I count and cheer her on. And today I was watching my nephew Gunner while Piper and I were working on her balancing and she fought me, as she does everything, until I said "Gunner can do it, can you?".

She did it. I counted to 14 while she did it then she slowly dropped down and continued to smile proudly.

Peer pressure and petty girls? Negative.
Peer pressure and balancing solo? Yes please.


  1. YAY!!!! Go, Piper, go!!!! So proud of her!
    Love you all, Heather

  2. Way to go Idaho! We are so happy for your balancing act Piper, keep up the good work :)

    Love you all tons,


  3. oh so cute! they both look so different already from when this pic was taken!