Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pipers Celebration of Life

Pipers Celebration of Life service will be this Saturday the 7th of April, 2012,
11am eastern time.

The service will be held at
Redeemer Presbyterian
165 Pulaski Street
Athens, GA 30601

It is open to all. There will be a reception immediately following the service and we look forward to seeing all of you who have so wonderfully supported our family and loved our girl.

Please remember that while we mourn not holding Piper in our arms anymore we are rejoicing that she is well and strong and happy and in better arms than we can provide. Because of this we want this to be a fairly casual celebration service. Do not feel you must arrive in dark colors and and do not feel you must worry about how we will handle talking about her.

We are asking in lieu of flowers that you support CURE Childhood Cancer in Atlanta in honor of Piper Jean.


  1. Mourning and rejoicing alongside you all ... Much love to all.

  2. Amen - I also grieve and rejoice with you. Your precious little Piper and your bravery and witness in sharing your story have deeply touched my heart.
    I wish I could be with you on Saturday .... I will be praying for you - it will be 4pm for us here in the UK.

  3. Piper became a very integral part of our family's prayer life over the last couple of months. I feel honored to get to celebrate her life with you on Sat.

  4. I (and the troupe) will be praying – and I would be there in a heartbeat if I weren't two hours away. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers all the time. Sending hugs.

  5. Today I had the pleasure of meeting Piper's grandmother at A Lafera Salon. I was getting my hair cut and had enough hair to donate to locks of love. She thanked me for donating my hair and told me about Piper's older sister and how she shaved her head in honor of Piper. As she continued telling me about Piper's story, I became deeply moved. I did not know Piper or her family, but I can truly say that I will continue to donate my hair whenever I can and her story will forever be with me. I want to thank Piper's grandmother for sharing her story with and I will be praying for y'all.

  6. I am so very sorry to hear about Piper. We are praying for you tonight.

  7. Although I will not be able to attend the celebration of this precious little one, I rejoice with you that Piper is no longer suffering, but walks hand in hand with our Lord. May the Lord give you His grace and peace as you walk through these days. He is with you always. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  8. I wish I lived closer because I would certainly be there. Your family is still in my prayers. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, you did it so well that I feel like I knew all of you. May the Lord strengthen & comfort your family in the days ahead.
    From Ohio,

  9. we will be thinking about you all at 11am/4pm uk time today.reaing the blog you have been a tower of strength not only to little piper but also your family.we have never mey but i fel from your amazing writings and pictures that we know a tiny bit about piper and will sy a little celebratory prayer at 4pm in woking uk.god bless

  10. Chad,Susanna and Linley,
    Today you are in my prayers as you celebrate Piper. I pray the Holy Spirit surrounds and comforts you as only He can. Hold tight to the knowledge that the next time you see your daughter, NOTHING will separate you from her again. On that day you will laugh at the tormentor we call Death. With your daughter in your arms, you will laugh at it's pathetic attempt to destroy you. Until that sweet day, Piper sits in the lap of her Creator-her body whole and well. Im praying for you to have patience to finish the course God has put before you here on earth. In heaven, the reward will be worth every tear. You precious Piper is happy, healed and pain free! Oh death where is your victory, oh grave where is your sting?
    Much much love, Heather (Hulsey) Hyman

  11. Thinking & Praying for your entire family today & always. I am comforted by the notion that your beautiful, spunky Piper (that touched so many) is in heaven w/o any pain and one day you will all be reunited again.

  12. Just became aware of your loss today, 4/7/2012, by reading Rion Henderson's story.

  13. This beautiful Easter morning here in Ormond Beach have you and your sweet family on my mind. We had our annual sunrise service on the beach, with a group of gospel singers who sang for they sang I thought of "fabulous" Piper and her knew home because of our precious Saviour...I ache for you and your empty arms, finding myself crying often because of the continual thoughts I have had of you since making you "one of my own." Interesting, how you can fall in love with a family and a child you have never met...I thank God that He put that ability in me, to open my heart for others who are hurting. It took my own grandchilds cancer to find out who you amazing how He hedges us about in this life to show us who He is through others like yourself. You have encouraged me unlike anyone I have ever known and because of your journey you have affected so many lives...people will say, "it takes a special person that God uses for these journeys"...whereas you would probably say, "WELL I DONT WANT TO BE SPECIAL!" and I would certainly agree with you but for whatever reason, we know He allowed, and in the process, He grew you and me and countless others for His glory because of your terrible journey. I wont forget you and will always be waiting for that next post...

    Love in our sweet Saviour,

  14. Missing Sweet Piper and sending prayers to our King and Comforter for you.