Sunday, October 18, 2009

Home at last

After being told not to expect to be able to bring Piper home for the 6 months of her treatment, we are Home. On Friday (10/16) her blood counts were already back to normal so after she had her lumbar puncture and the coinciding chemotherapy we headed home until next Friday(10/23)! Of course, we have a junk load of medicines to give her every day and that is a little frightening, but we just line her and Linley up and give out meds. (for those of you who dont personally know my family our 4 year old daughter Linley is Growth Hormone deficient, meaning her body does not make the hormone neccesary to have her grow naturally and she has nightly shots to supplement it.) Piper is doing wonderfully here and Linley is really enjoying spending the time with her in a normal setting. Both have been sleeping until 9am which means that Chad and I do as well...and I have not slept so well in months even with Linley practically on top of me.

Piper is very puffy from the steroids. The inofficial name for it is "moon face", which while I dont prefer the name, I agree with it being very accurate. But of course she is oblivious. Her voice has come back alot and she makes these screeching noises along with her humming and she is absolutley enthralled with faces and enjoys spitting at you in glee. Just wondeful. Piper is proving to be as chill as Linley was and possibly even more...Chad and I are so sure that our next child will be crazy because you cant get sweet, good babies each time, right???

I do have more to write but I would rather go lay on the floor and watch All Dogs go to Heaven and play with the girls. So sorry, Ill get back to you all later.


  1. so so exciting!! I am overjoyed for you!! and so glad you are enjoying those precious moments with your girls!

  2. AWESOME!!!! I am so excited for all of you!! God is so awesome!!! I am doing a happy dance for all of you right now!!! Tears of joy at the Hoover house, I LOVE it!!!

  3. I am so happy for you all! I saw your mom yesterday at church and she told me ya'll were at home! I am so grateful to our very kind God for this pleasant surprise trip home! Enjoy!

  4. PRAISE THE LORD! That is amazing!! Enjoy every second!!