Saturday, October 10, 2009

Moving on Up.

We are moved. Thanks to my parents, mother-in-law, David and Ginger,Nakia and Dustan (Eli too), sweet Kara and my best friend Miriam we have taken all of our belongings and placed them in a 10x10 storage unit until January. Yes, all of our lifes belongings have fit into a 10x10 storage center but thats because I am slightly (overly) weird about clutter and things that have no place. Plus, I have to fit myself, Chad and 2 girls into a 720 sq ft apartment on campus with minimal storage. How? Who knows...I am always up for a challenge and am already planning the decorating part. And now a wonderful friend is taking over all the rest of our belongings which we left strewn around the house and will sell it for us at a garage sale...thanks Kara!

Linley is still in North Carolina with my best friend and her girls. She calls me every night to have me pray for her and I cannot tell you how much I miss her. Or how blessed I am that Miriam willingly and eagerly met me half way and has loved on and cared for Linley as only a mommy can these last 3 days. Thanks you! Piper is a doll as mom came to the hospital to stay with her while Chad and I took 24 hrs to pack and move. I came back to a very contented and sweet girl. We talked more with the Doctor on call this week about Pipers temporary vocal paralysis and got more encouraging informatione. Apparently one type of chemo, called Vincristine, is what causes it...she had a 3% chance of it having this side effect and sure enough, she did. So the Doctor canceled her Vincristine that was supposed to be given yesterday (friday) and is waiting to see if the vocal nerves begin to repair themselves in which case she will be given much smaller doses next week and the following week as well. We already are seeing some more "pitches" coming out of her mouth and hopefully she will be able to receive the full chemo without further complications.

I am really enjoying the nurses here. I was told that the turnover rate for pediatric oncology nurses is high but the ones that I have met really seem to love their jobs. And I love having their experiance, laughter and comeraderie as they work so hard to heal my little one. A few have even shared that they are Believers which calms me so much...Knowing that those also pray for Piper as well as treat her. Just another way I am feeling so cared for in the midst of the unknown.


  1. I am the exact same way about clutter!! I get major joy out of throwing things drives my hubby (who likes to SAVE everything) crazy!! :) I am so thankful that you are being loved on by those and prayers from your parent's athens family, heather

  2. Cotton had a procedure done there Friday, but we didn't want to wake you so we just left a note. Just wanted you know we are praying for you all. Harriet, Craig and Cotton

  3. Life is moving right along, isn't it? On one hand, it probably feels like everyone else's worlds should stop as well, since yours has, in a way. But I suppose there's some comfort in the fact that the world keeps turning, whether or not it's in chaos! Praying for all of you. p.s. I think Miriam's pretty fantastic too :)