Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our Chad

Good afternoon. Piper has been home for almost a week now and is doing awesome! She is such a little angel and a joy to be around. For those of you who have not seen her and heard her laugh you are missing out on some of cutest cuteness this world had ever seen. Tuesday was to be our first visit to "the clinic" which is directly across the street from Scottich Rite hospital. We were headed there for a shot of chemo treatment for Piper. On the way a person of questionable intellegience left a sizable piece of concrete in the middle lane of I-285 west, which after traffic thinned enough to reach speeds over 50 mph quickly found the front of the vehicle we were traveling in. I would say it "quickly found the front of 'our car'", but I can't because the vehicle in question is not fully owned by said driver, yet. So...after the "hunk" of concrete found "our car", it smashed into several pieces and also found the cover to the transmission pan that houses most of the fluid and the filter for the fluid. Once I realize we are leaking something and am able to get to the side of 285, I exercise self control and only drop the (*insert prefered expletive here)-bomb 3 to 4 maybe 5 times. Now that we are stopped, a large pool of transmission fluid is pooling in front of "our car". So my good friend James picks us up and takes us to our appointment and tells me it is not that bad and convinces me to cancel the wrecker I have called to take "our car" from Atlanta to Athens and have it towed to his shop so he can fix it. This also probably saved me a from a very expensive towing bill back to Athens. Lucky for us, a local church sent us a very generous check as a love offering that will more than cover the cost of repair for "our car".

Despite our morning excitement, we did make it to Piper's appointment. She had her shot and we stuck around for an hour and a half to make sure she did not have a reaction to the medication. She did just fine. Originally, we were supposed to have a bone marrow asparate done and be readmitted to the hosptial to start her second phase of chemo on Friday, but the doctor checked her blood counts yesterday and they dropped a little from when we left the hospital so thay postponed the bone marrow and the second phase until Monday. We will be home one more weekend which is great. Her intial diaper rash from the chemo has pretty much healed, but she has developed a small spot on her cheeks that will not heal once the second phase of chemo is started. We are trying to get her little butt healed as much as possible so not to delay her treatment any longer. We will visit the hospital in the morning to have her blood counts done so the doctors can decide when they want to have her admitted and start her next phase of the chemo. We are so thankful for all of your prayers and gifts that have been sent our way. Please continue to pray fro Piper's diaper rash and blood counts so that she can start the treatment that she needs.


Here is a video. Sorry for the crick in your neck, but it is worth it. Pay no attention to the old guy with the creepy laugh. I am sure he is just doing his part to bring a little joy to the world.


  1. "Make a joyful noise to the Lord" oh yes, Piper has that part right!
    You two are such an inspiration to me. Some people have roadside trouble during simple, everyday errands and get more distraught than you two did. But on the way to chemo?... When God says "My times are in his hands" he certainly means every word. May you always be richly blessed with his Word and faithfulness in your everyday lives; that's where He shows up.
    So keep on making a joyful noise. How sweet that God gave her that laugh in a timely manner! Let's trust him for her healing, too.

  2. she is a gift in my day! thank you for posting the video!

  3. She is seriously the most precious baby one could ever imagine - LOVE the video!! Thanks for the regular updates that keep us knowing how to pray as you navigate this difficult journey. MaryBeth F.

  4. How Precious, that is the sweetest video!!! Love Piper's cheeks, I could just eat her with a spoon!!!