Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Clinic 3/23

Piper had her weekly Clinic visit today. We were scheduled for a Methotrexate "push" (when the chemo is pushed into her port as opposed to a drip) and a IVIG transfusion. IVIG is a immune stimulant that Piper gets every now and then to continue to keep her immune system up while undergoing the chemo junk. Our appointment was at 11am and we headed that way after dropping Linley off at school. The IVIG takes about 4 hours and we planned to be out of there by 4ish until the CBC results came back and Pipers hemoglobin was 7.7. Anything below 8 is reason to do a blood transfusion so we had to do that as well. Chad had a friend pick him up from the clinic so that he could make it to work at 7, but I was there with Piper until 6:30. It was a long day but Piper got plenty of attention and thank God, she is finally off of those steroids. Her ANC was 770 so we are out of the so-called "danger zone"...she is able to be out and about. All her other numbers looked good and we continue to keep Piper on the same path.

Tomorrow we are back in the clinic for an amazing opportunity. Flashes of Hope will be there in the morning and we are signed up to have not only Piper, but Linley's photos taken. Flashes of Hope is a non-profit organization that takes photos of children who are living with Cancers and other life-threatening diseases. We simply show up and they have hairstylist, make up artist and photographers who are there to spoil the kids and make them look beautiful. I have been wanting to have this done, but they only come about 1 time a month and we have not been able to make it. Now, Piper is happy, cast-less and totally in love with her sister. (She is even "sprouting" hair but it is fair and not easily seen.) I am really looking forward to this and I hope the morning goes smoothly and and happily.


  1. Hi- I've been reading and came across your blog. Love your story. True strength. Then I noticed that your pictures looked a little familiar - Atlanta isn't too far from us, which I am sure you are thinking what in the world. But, we spend a lot of time at Scottish Rite and I know that it is taxing and mentally exhausting. On top of other issues, my daughter just started IVIg yesterday - Our girls are fighting different battle but it was nice to see a familiar background in the pictures. Good luck!! Looks like you are doing an excelent job with both girls and your entire family. G.

  2. Oh Susanna, all these posts are just too much for me to handle. I am a blubbering baby, barely able to find the keys to type right in front of me. Wow! thank you for being so honest and sharing your heart and life with us, your humble and delighted readers...
    With ALL my love!