Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring? Is that you?

This was the first weekend that 1) the weather was beautiful 2) Chad and I were home with the girls and 3) Both girls were feeling we spent the better part of Saturday outside. Linley had soccer practice with Daddy, aka Coach and Piper hung out in the Baby Bjorn with me on the sidelines. We came home and Chad headed out for his afternoon of refereeing soccer and I made the girls lunch. Piper has become a very eager and happy eater and we finally had to just pick up her highchair and bring her outside to finish up while Linley and I played. She loved it and moved to the blanket where she happily watched Linley and I help my Dad spread out mulch. And can I tell you that I love the smell of mulch? And soil? And trees with blossoms? I miss Chad and I's little house for many reasons but a big one was the garden. I spent many an hour at the garden outlet and subsequently on my knees in the dirt. I loved it and especially miss my butterfly bushes and confederate jasmine....Chad misses close to nothing about gardening but even he was proud of the work we put into it. Someday we will have a yard again...someday. And until then I will continue to help my Dad out, especially when the girls enjoy it as much as I do.

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  1. What fantastic pictures!! I am so ready for spring to be here to stay :)